I born on December 1, 1937 in village Sajjad Chak Number 51, district Lyallpur (Faisalabad) of Pakistani Punjab. Belong to a farming family that believes in simple living and high thinking. During partition in 1947, our family had to migrate to India in DISTT. Ludhiana of east Punjab. Captained Football Team in Schools and Colleges. Won many Championships at Punjab Level. Best Athlete of the College and Football Color Holder of Arya College Ludhiana Served Indian Navy for 7 years as an Electrician and represented Indian Navy in India & Abroad i.e. Port Blair, Singapore, Malaya and Indonesia.

Aims and Objectives

Scientific approach and precision farming involving all aspects of agriculture including: crop production, foundation and hybrid seed production, growing of cash crops, relay crops, fresh vegetables, seed production and allied agricultural enterprises like Poultry farming, beekeeping, piggery farming, orchard and fruit plants nursery etc.

My Father

My father, Sardar Arjan Singh, was a noble person, honest and God-fearing human being. He daily recited Gurbani. He always endeavored for achieving constructive outputs. He was a most revered individual in the entire area. He was made Sarpanch of his village at the age of 18 and continued to serve as Sarpanch for 27 years. He strived to bring about many desirable improvements in the village Panchayat. He was a force behind banning the sale of tobacco / cigarettes in the village. He was a daring person who exercised his guts for the welfare of others.

There are a lot of qualities of my father that influenced me. In that context I can say : “He had been a great personality having a strong faith in doing hard work as according to him it is their hard earned money that helps the man to prosper. He also kept proper account of each transaction”. I am also in same line and touching the heights.

My Mother

My loving mother, Mrs. Jagir Kaur was very noble, religious, industrious & clean hearted, farsighted and a kind-hearted lady. She had an artistic hand and used to make beautiful figures of peacocks, cats, crows, pigeons etc very easily on the mud walls. She was an expert in preparing very delicious food. She helped my father in Picking, Packing and marketing of Vegetables. I derived many good things from my parents.

Married Life

On March 1, 1964, I was married to Mrs. Jagbir Kaur Grewal. I felt blessed to have her in my life. She was a simple and plain-hearted lady with malice towards none. She believed in hard work. She always possessed a farsighted outlook. She helped me in every way in the field of agriculture and bookkeeping of the farm transactions. She also delivered talks on radio and television for the benefits of rural women. She was awarded a State Honors on August 15, 1989 from the Governor of Punjab.

My two sons namely, Jagroop Singh Grewal has taken up farming as his main profession after his graduation & Balroop Singh Grewal is settled in USA, as an engineer as a Vice President of one very famous company.


I was good in studies and did well in matriculation examination. But i lost interest in studies as i was pressed upon by my family members to opt for non-medical science subjects. I rather paid more attention in games that provided me soothe.

On January 4, 1957, I sought direct recruitment in the Radio Mechanic Branch of the Indian Navy. After passing all the recruitment tests I felt delighted in having found a placement for earning my livelihood. I was advised to join at Cochin. My family sent me off with a heavy heart. My mother, who was often worried at my poor performance in studies, advised me to achieve something tangible in the new appointment and not to return back with nothing.